Noonan on Obama

I’m a registered Republican and I’m really excited about the idea of President Barack Obama.

I didn’t feel particularly comfortable saying that until a more respected Republican like, say, Peggy Noonan offered her praise first.  Money quote: Mr. Obama often seems to be thinking when he speaks, too, and this comes somehow as a relief, in comparison, say, to Hillary Clinton and President Bush, both of whom often seem to be trying to remember the answer they’d agreed upon with staff.

Andrew Sullivan has more.


2 thoughts on “Noonan on Obama

  1. Hey Matt, long time no see, We’ll have to get together sometime soon. I will agree that Obama’s pretty good for a Democrat, but the person we really need to be pulling for is Ron Paul. The current administration, and really most all politicians for many years now have been throwing the Constitution in the mud and dancing on it with how they make decisions. The country’s headed for disaster without a major u-turn in how the government spends money and the only candidate I’ve seen that might change this is Dr. Paul. Check him out if you haven’t. Give me a call sometime and we’ll have to get together and discuss some politics 765-894-2959.
    Talk to ya later.


  2. Hey Dan,

    Good to hear from you. Shoot me an email and let me know when you’d like to meet. I’m usually free on weekends if you book me enough in advance :)

    I agree that Paul is a real conservative in a pack of wannabes or outright impostors. And I further agree that the Constitution has been seriously damaged, especially the last seven years of King George. It’s not just spending that’s out of control, it’s executive power, war powers, and the like that need serious scrutiny.

    I’m still convinced that Obama is the right man to turn things around though. A nightmare ticket would be Hillary vs. Rudy. For me, the coming election is way more than Republican vs Democrat.

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