The Saints

For Christmas last year, I received a copy of Lesser Feasts and Fasts. I mention this, a week before All Saints Day, because I have found this book immensely useful in developing an appreciation for the importance of the Christian Story during all times and among all peoples.

I’m preparing a post for All Saints Day specifically, but I wanted to use today to point out this: the value of the feast days for saints lies not only in the inspiration of their personal piety and faith, but in the constant reminder that God has never abandoned his people. There are saints at all times and in all places.

That is a lesson that took me a while to learn and which I still don’t fully appreciate.


One thought on “The Saints

  1. We have the feast and festival days listed in the front of our hymnal, but they are scarcely mentioned during the Church Year. I mean, if you pay attention to the lectionary readings, you see the connection, but it rarely comes up during the sermon. I always feel short-changed.

    But I never thought about what the saints would mean to someone from the Restoration tradition.

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