Values Voters

Andrew Sullivan has an interesting post on the “is-waterboarding-a-form-of-torture” debate. He cites a ruling from the Mississippi Supreme Court in 1926.

The Deep South
A generation before the civil rights movement.
It was common knowledge that waterboarding was torture, and therefore a bunch of white men overturned the conviction, based on his forced confession, of a black man.  

And yet the Attorney General doesn’t know if waterboarding is a form of torture, the Congress refuses to make him answer, and the President hides behind the flag in defense of his abuses and excesses.

It seems to me that issues past:
conservative vs. liberal, 
are you better off now than 4 years ago?
shall we have high taxes, low taxes or no taxes?
are made inconsequential when the leadership of a country sanctions the use of torture.

Joe Carter is right: Christian silence on this issue is unacceptable and immoral. 


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