Republicans for Obama

As is my habit, I was listening to NPR this evening and heard a report of the most recent Republican debate. NPR spoke with several New Hampshire Republicans about their reaction to the debate. Most were generally supportive of Mike Huckabee or Fred Thompson, though none had decided for sure who they would vote for. Not a one liked Rudy Giuliani. Honestly, they didn’t seem very excited at all. At the end, the reporter asked which candidate excited them the most. They all admitted that the Republican field did not have such a figure. Then they said something that didn’t really surprise me.

They said they were excited about Barak Obama.

Even though they disagreed with some of Obama’s policies, they all agreed that he alone, of all candidates of either party, had the capacity to change the atmosphere of political cronyism and incompetence that has permeated Washington. He alone can unite the nation.

Let’s hope the Democrats can get past the ridiculous “Hillary is inevitable” mantra, and realize they can nominate a man who will draw strong support from both parties in a way no one has since, well, Ronald Reagan.


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