Way Too Little, Way Too Late

Avon, Indiana, also known as the putrid arm-pit of Hendricks County, is close to adopting a zoning overlay to govern new construction along US 36. For those of you who haven’t tried to drive down 36 recently, it’s a mess. Traffic is horrible, the maze of poorly planned mega parking lots surrounded by dozens of big box stores is unnavigable and the majority of the buildings are cheaply built and ugly. It looks like a novice playing SimCity. It’s mind-numbing and soul-sucking development in the name of the false god Materialism.

Also, the headline says “Avon planners.” This phrase strikes me as silly. Kinda like “Nazi humanitarians.”


2 thoughts on “Way Too Little, Way Too Late

  1. Too little, too late . . . I thought the same thing! Isn’t the undeveloped stretch along US 36 called “Danville.”

    And who are these sorry souls called “planners”? Were they languishing unfunded in a forgotten shed for the past 10 years? Or maybe they were concerned citizens, a constant thorn in the side of city government; indifferent officials held them at bay until such time as they could do an about-face and welcome into the folds of government with appointments to an impotent new board.

  2. Indeed. Those responsible for Avon’s sad plight are generally out of office now. The newcomers are trying to clean it up; sometimes I wish someone would just bulldoze it all and plant some corn.

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