Saw Juno tonight. The short version: all the reviews are true – it’s a great movie. Best I’ve seen in many months. Well written and superbly acted, it is most certainly worthy of your monetary support. But Juno also has something that is truly rare in movies – a pop soundtrack that is simply delightful. I’m not even talking about soundtracks like Garden State or Last Kiss which seem to be trying so hard to be great. Juno‘s music was flawless. Perhaps it was the atmosphere of the movie itself – self-aware and confident, sweet but not treacley – that seemed to permeate the music; maybe it was the music that permeated the movie. Not knowing which is which is a sure sign that the whole movie experience will be more than satisfying. Anyway, it takes a lot for me, champion of the orchestral score, to give credit to a pop soundtrack but once in a great while even I can be pleasantly surprised.

As a side note, I am mildly concerned that I described a movie as self-aware. I think I need to reexamine my diet.


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