Favorite Books of 2007

I hesitate to say “Best Books” because, working in a bookstore, one becomes acutely aware of how true the words of the Preacher are: “of the making of books there is no end.” To read all the books published in 2007 or even a majority of them, would be vanity of vanities, indeed. Even limiting oneself to books of critical acclaim (such as it is) is still to be grasping after the wind.

Nevertheless, here follows a list of new books I enjoyed this year.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist – The people who need to read this won’t because 1) it’s a novel and 2) the author is a Pakistani Muslim. Alas.
On Chesil Beach – Superbly written and thoughtful.
Saving Erasmus – Lest you think Christian fiction (and I really don’t like that term, but it is the Received Term so…) must be humorless, boring, and trite, this little noticed gem by Earlham prof Steven Cleaver should change your mind.
Lion’s Honey – The story of Sampson, complicated and thrilling. This is part of The Myths series from Random House; I’ve read three from the series and hope to tackle the rest in 2008. Check them out!


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