The Supremes have a heard case challenging Indiana’s Voter ID law. As I was reading accounts and commentary on the hearing, I was struck by the main arguments presented both for and against the law. Basically, opponents of the law say that there is no evidence of the type of voter fraud that the new law seeks to prevent – the law is a solution in search of a problem. The law’s champions claim there is no proof that the law has prevented any from voting. I find it kinda amusing that each side argues from a negative, while dismissing their opponents claims. So I wonder: can both sides be right?

In a recent article for the National Review, Katheryn Jean Lopez argues that John McCain is not a conservative. McCain, who as a POW was tortured by the Viet Cong, has condemned the Bush administration’s use of torture, like water boarding, against terrorist suspects. Quote Lopez: “On a whole host of issues — including water boarding (emphasis mine), tax cuts, and the freedom of speech – [McCain’s] not one of us.” I’m wondering: where are the pro-life bloggers condemning this? Is this the state of conservatism in America? If you’re against torture, you’re not one of us? Seriously? I mean, seriously?


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