Update on a Plainfield Icon

Residents of Plainfield have long wondered about the phrase “coming soon” as in “Dinner and movie coming soon” which the marquee of the Village Theater in downtown Plainfield proudly proclaims. The thing is, those words have been there for nearly a year, and the theater itself closed for remodeling almost twice as long. Coming soon? Not likely.

After several years, we now have a date – March 1 – for the reopening of the Village. Except the theater will house student bands and local musicians, not the long promised “dinner and a movie.” Still, it’s good that someone is taking initiative and putting the building to use after it’s sat empty for so long.

I used to live in an apartment above the theater – I can’t think of a neater place in Plainfield to live, by the way – and so I have a personal interest in seeing the theater put to good use. The current owner, though of good intentions, has not gone about remodeling the theater efficiently. Hopefully, the new tenant will preserve the building and make it open for the community to enjoy.


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