Hoosier Voting

The Supremes issued their ruling today on Indiana’s voter ID law. By a vote of 6 to 3 the law will stand, it seems, until such a time as someone can show an actual case of disenfranchisement.

Justice Breyer, in his dissent, makes mention of the lack of public transportation in Indiana and the inheirant unfairness in asking poor people to make a costly trip to a BMV branch or their county seat to obtain paper work that might also be costly. There are 92 counties in Indiana, and I can say that 2 (Marion and Monroe) have decent public transportation systems. That leaves 90 that do not.

The voter ID law was passed under the guise of making our elections more secure and trustworthy – a goal that no one disputes. But when one looks at the electoral process in Indiana, serious problems like absentee voter fraud, grossly inflated poll books (from multiple registrations) and voting machines that lack physical, paper backups are left unaddressed. It’s like going to the doctor for treatment of a broken arm but instead, the doctor insists on taping up your ankle “just in case” you should happen to sprain it. The Indiana General Assembly – solving problems that don’t exist and ignoring those that do!

One more point and then I’ll be done: I keep hearing people keep say “you have to show ID to buy beer or get on an airplane so why not show it when you vote?” Purchasing booze and traveling in airplanes are luxuries; suffrage is a civic right. So quit equating them!


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