Special Comment

Sometimes I find Keith Olbermann verbose and overbearing. But sometimes, he nails it. Tonight, for example:

“You know, my husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.”

We cannot forgive you this — not because it is crass and low and unfeeling and brutal.

This is unforgivable, because this nation’s deepest shame, its most enduring horror, its most terrifying legacy, is political assassination.





Martin Luther King.

Robert Kennedy.

And, but for the grace of the universe or the luck of the draw, Reagan, Ford, Truman, Nixon, Andrew Jackson, both Roosevelts, even George Wallace.

The politics of this nation is steeped enough in blood, Senator Clinton, you cannot and must not invoke that imagery! Anywhere! At any time!

And to not appreciate, immediately – to still not appreciate tonight – just what you have done… is to reveal an incomprehension of the America you seek to lead.

This, Senator, is too much.

Because a senator – a politician – a person –  who can let hang in mid-air the prospect that she might just be sticking around in part, just in case the other guy gets shot – has no business being, and no capacity to be, the President of the United States.


Holy Trinity Sunday

“[The Trinity] is not something theoretical or abstract. The doctrine of the Trinity – the mystery at the heart of God – is something practical. It’s something that can help us live day to day: it’s about your life and mine, about the Church, about families, neighborhoods, communities, even our Planet Earth. It’s about who we are and who God calls us to be.’

We are not alone. We are not individuals. We are not self-contained and isolated. Who we are, we always are in relation. We are always in relation with others, with the mutual relationship that we share, that is itself determinative of our own self-identity. We are not alone. We are not individuals. We are persons in relation. So is God….We are who we are because God is who God is. God is not alone and isolated. God is not three. God is a Trinity of Persons, which is to say a community of Persons. Not three Gods, but One God. Each of the three God, all three God, but all through their relation. ”

-Steve Carlsen, dean and rector of Christ Church Cathedral
Highlights from the sermon on the Feast of the Holy Trinity, delivered 5-18-08

For the record…

I’d just like to say I agree verbatim with Sen. Joe Biden’s reaction to the President’s assertion that the current enemies of the United States are the next Hilter, and that his political opponents are the heirs of Neville Chaimberlain. The hubris of George W. Bush never ceases to amaze.

My Man Mitch’s Music

Mitch Daniels has been a good governor and despite the complete silliness that is changing clocks twice a year, he’ll have my vote come November.

But just to reinforce their case, it seems the Daniels’ campaign is courting the highly valued “fans of orchestral movie-trailer music” vote. We are a bloc to be reckoned with. About time the politicians started paying attention to us.

Check out the ad.

Kinda Sorta Liveblogging Election Results

8:30ish: Hmmm. 8:30 and no precincts in Hendricks County have reported in. Wonder what’s going on in Danville

9:15: I’m watching the GOP race in the 5th district and I seriously want to know: who are these people voting for Dan Burton? Come on folks! But, it looks like Marion County is breaking heavily for McGoff and has not been fully counted so maybe the gap will close.

11:05: Well it appears that Dr. McGoff will not be going to Washington. That’s Indiana’s loss for sure.

I am glad that the presidential race was so close in Indiana. Lake County has yet to report. As I head to bed, Clinton leads by 30K. Wonder if there are enough votes in Gary to put Obama up? Perhaps Clinton’s claim of victory was premature. Anyway, it’s been fun. The Democratic challenger to Mitch Daniels is yet to be determined, but truthfully, neither of them impress me much. All in all, a fun election!