Via the Indianapolis Star comes this story headlined “Candidate’s mistake means she can’t vote for herself.” Basically, a Lafayette women (no surprise this happened in Furnace-Builder country) running for county commissioner as a Republican asked for a Democratic ballot for the Presidential race and a Republican ballot for the local races. The poll workers gave her a Democratic ballot. She only then realized that you can’t vote in both parties’ primary.

I think it’s generous of the Star to say this was a mistake. What business does a Republican candidate have in voting in the Democratic primary? Will the Secretary of State’s office investigate this? Is she a lemming Ditto-head following El Rushbo’s childish “Operation Chaos”?

Clearly, Taletha Coles has no business holding elected office; she’s either not smart enough to understand primary elections or so brazenly dishonest as to try to interfere with another party’s primary.


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