Kinda Sorta Liveblogging Election Results

8:30ish: Hmmm. 8:30 and no precincts in Hendricks County have reported in. Wonder what’s going on in Danville

9:15: I’m watching the GOP race in the 5th district and I seriously want to know: who are these people voting for Dan Burton? Come on folks! But, it looks like Marion County is breaking heavily for McGoff and has not been fully counted so maybe the gap will close.

11:05: Well it appears that Dr. McGoff will not be going to Washington. That’s Indiana’s loss for sure.

I am glad that the presidential race was so close in Indiana. Lake County has yet to report. As I head to bed, Clinton leads by 30K. Wonder if there are enough votes in Gary to put Obama up? Perhaps Clinton’s claim of victory was premature. Anyway, it’s been fun. The Democratic challenger to Mitch Daniels is yet to be determined, but truthfully, neither of them impress me much. All in all, a fun election!


4 thoughts on “Kinda Sorta Liveblogging Election Results

  1. Do you think Obama pulled votes from McGoff? Had I been living in the 5th, I would have been mighty conflicted on which primary to vote in, though I probably would have voted for McGoff because of the local nature of the race and that the good doctor needed my vote more than the senator from Illinois. Anyway, Dr. McGoff should challenge again in two years. I just don’t think Dan Burton can stay away from the fairway for that long. Maybe the Obama voters in the district could cross over and do Indiana and America a big favor.

  2. I tried to explain to my brother the importance of voting downticket, but he, much to my dismay, asked for the D ballot so he could vote for Obama.

    The good news is that the other downticket results favored good Republicans.

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