Holy Trinity Sunday

“[The Trinity] is not something theoretical or abstract. The doctrine of the Trinity – the mystery at the heart of God – is something practical. It’s something that can help us live day to day: it’s about your life and mine, about the Church, about families, neighborhoods, communities, even our Planet Earth. It’s about who we are and who God calls us to be.’

We are not alone. We are not individuals. We are not self-contained and isolated. Who we are, we always are in relation. We are always in relation with others, with the mutual relationship that we share, that is itself determinative of our own self-identity. We are not alone. We are not individuals. We are persons in relation. So is God….We are who we are because God is who God is. God is not alone and isolated. God is not three. God is a Trinity of Persons, which is to say a community of Persons. Not three Gods, but One God. Each of the three God, all three God, but all through their relation. ”

-Steve Carlsen, dean and rector of Christ Church Cathedral
Highlights from the sermon on the Feast of the Holy Trinity, delivered 5-18-08


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