Another Point

One more note on the lack of public transportation in the greater Indianapolis area. This fall, Indianapolis International Airport (soon to be H. Wier Cook Airport again?) will open a nice, new terminal replacing what is, in my experience, the most depressing airport terminal in the country.* Anyway, the new terminal will welcome travelers to our fair city for such big events as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Regionals in 2009, NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four in 2010 and a football game of some sort….I can’t remember….it’s suppose to be super, though, in 2012. This is in addition to the Race and the many national conventions that take place downtown each year.

All these people coming to Indy soon, and when they fly into the new terminal, they have only one way to get where the action is: by car. Granted, they can choose to rent a car and pay for expensive gas or they can take a taxi and pay for high gas with cab fares set to increase 62%. Surely, a light rail system connecting, at minimum, the airport and downtown Indy makes good sense, financially, evironmentally and socially.

*I can make such a claim, having flown into, maybe, 10 other airports. :)


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