Pecan Pie

I enjoy Pecan Pie as much as the next guy, but I sometimes find it cloyingly sweet. Tomorrow, the great town of Amo, Indiana is having their annual Fish Fry, complete with pie baking contest. I’ve entered the following recipe: Pecan Pie with Guinness Stout. The Stout adds great flavor and cuts sweetness a bit.

1 9 inch pie crust (made from scratch, of course!)

4 eggs
11 oz. dark corn syrup
2 oz. molasses
7 oz. granulated sugar
1 t vanilla extract
2 T butter, melted
3 oz. Guinness Extra Stout (other beers are good too. Oatmeal Stout is great if you can find it!
6 oz. whole pecans

Beat eggs throughly. Add corn syrup, molasses, sugar, vanilla, stout. Mix very well. Add pecans and transfer mixture to pie shell. Bake at 350 for 45 or so minutes.


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