The Union Forever

Among the many ‘issues’ revolving around Sarah Palin’s brief but already horrifying fascinating campaign for Presiding Officer of the Senate is her association with a political party that advocates Alaska’s seccesion from the Union.  Like Zach, this issue seems more humorous than others raised, but I got to thinking: wouldn’t support for the dissolution of the United States kinda, you know, disqualify one to be Vice-President or (God forbid) President?

Apparently not.

Just as Dick Cheney was not the first sitting VP to shoot another man, there is a proud fascinating history of Vice Presidents who have openly supported the dissolution of the Union, and Ezra Klein was resourceful enough to find it. But (and I could be wrong here) I think the list is too short; I’m almost certain that John C. Calhoun (Blowhard- South Carolina) advocated seccession nonsense, though not, perhaps, while he was Andrew Jackson’s VP.


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