To Hell With It

After today, I’m going to try and not say anything about the upcoming election. (Kinda like, “After this piece of cake, I’m starting my diet…..”)  I’m rather finished with politics right now, which is not to say that I’m displeased to be supporting Sen. Obama. I am glad to have him on the ballot this year.

It’s just that recently I’ve been reflecting that perhaps my interest in politics is too great, too close to idolatry, too distracting from the weightier matters of the Kingdom. So, after today…..

The Chocolate Cake: I do want to highlight something said by Gov. Palin a couple days ago.

At a rally in California, the Governor was speaking about shattering glass ceilings and such. She then grossly distorted a quote from Madeleine Albright by saying “There’s a place in Hell reserved for women who don’t support other women.”  Here’s the video:

For the record – that is a incredibly nasty thing to say. Let us suppose that Gov. Palin was quoting Madeleine Albright accurately (which, of course, she wasn’t). Such a statement would still be incredibly nasty and absolutely not worthy of repeating.

I bring this up because I am genuinely interested to hear responses from the McCain/Palin supporters who read this blog. What is appealing about a candidate who can say something so wretched and can do it with a laugh and a smile? What does it say about this crowd who cheers enthusiastically to such statements? What does it say about the core of the Republican party today?

Disgraceful rhetoric abounds across the political spectrum. Generally though, it’s isolated to the pundits and hangers-on who yearn for their 15 minutes in the spotlight.  But I’m floored that such a comment was made by a candidate for national office.  And one who wears her faith in Christ like a flashing neon sign, no less.

Lord, have mercy.


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