Building A Better Cookie

There is nothing in life more sublime than homemade chocolate chip cookies. So I’m always looking for ways to make my chocolate chip cookie taste even better. In general, I’ve found that equal parts butter and shortening and a 2:1 ratio of brown to granulated sugar works best. Still, there’s always room for improvement.

So, I heard on a radio show that if you allow cookie dough to rest in the frig for a couple of days and then bake it, the resulting cookie will have a better texture and taste. Resting the dough for at least 24 hours allows the flour to better absorb the liquid, which in the case of cookie dough, are eggs.

So, the other day I made up some standard chocolate chip cookie dough. Through superhuman will that surely came from above, I resisted the urge to bake them immediately. In my refrigerator it went. And there it sat.

Morning and evening, the first day.

Morning and evening, the second day.

Later that evening, I baked the cookies. I saw (and smelled and tasted!) that they were very good.

The two day wait was worth it. Try it sometime. Make a double batch of dough. Bake some off immediately and save the rest of the dough for one or two days. You will notice the difference!


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