The Baptism of the Lord

Yesterday being the first Sunday of Epiphany, the Gospel reading was of the baptism of Jesus.  In the Episcopal Church (and perhaps in other liturgical churches) we take the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord as an opportunity to renew our baptismal vows (something we also do whenever there is a baptism.)

Growing up in the Churches of Christ, baptism was always a big, big deal. It should be. Now, this is not to say that I agree with the tradional CoC understanding of baptism; I do not. But I still agree that baptisms are, and should be marked as, major events in the life of an individual and a congregation. So, I would humbly suggest to my brethren in the Churches of Christ (if there are any still reading this apostate blog :) ) that you find a way to incorporate the renewing of baptismal vows whenever your congregation baptizes someone. For me, the corporate act of renewing these vows not only serves as a poiniant reminder of my baptism, it also reenforces the collectiveness of the Church – “We are all members of one body”, type of thing.


5 thoughts on “The Baptism of the Lord

  1. At the risk of being struck down for commenting on such an apostate blog, What do you now believe about baptism?

    We made it back to Colorado just fine and this past weekend, well, Thursday and Friday, which is my weekend, we went to Utah and visited Canyonlands National Park, which is absolutely gorgeous. I’d highly recommend it if you get the opportunity to visit.

  2. Hey Dan,
    First, Happy Birthday!

    About baptism, I think I will respond to your question with another post. Look for it in a couple of days; right now I’m off to class and so have little time. Thanks for reading!

  3. Also, Alison and I have talked about going west for our honeymoon. There are several places we’d love to see. We’ll add Canyonlands to that.

  4. Really, all of the southeastern part of Utah where the Colorado River runs is a National Park and all of it is awesome. Canyonlands is really cool, but there are other parks you can see more of without needing 4 wheel drive, so if you decide to head that direction, let me know and I can recommend others as well. From what I’ve seen, you can’t go wrong with any of the parks along that area.

  5. I appreciate this post. I grew up Baptist, became an Episcopalian for a few years, and now am an ordained minister in both the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the Southern Baptist Convention (although really part of the moderate Cooperative Baptist Fellowship). Currently, I serve a Baptist congregation and last week I introduced them to the importance of renewing our baptismal vows. While Baptists differ from the CofC in that they don’t believe it is necessary for salvation, there is still a sense that baptism is just a one-time thing; once you have done it, you never have to revist what it means.

    Also, I found this blog through library thing; I had joined a Stone-Campbell group of which you are a part, but it doesn’t look like much is going on. I would love to find a place to discuss Stone-Campbell issues and books.

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