Jumping on the bandwagon

Everybody else is doing this so: 25 things

1. I am soon to be married to a remarkable and beautiful woman who is far above me and of whom I think the world.

2. I call my dog, Beethoven, a dogote because I heard that dogs and coyotes can inter-breed, and I find the thought of such hilarious.

3. I work at a bakery and never tire of the smell of fresh baked bread.

4. I’m starting classes in March to be confirmed in the Episcopal Church.

5. I received a rick of firewood for Christmas for use in my previously unused fireplace – very cool.

6. I’ve seen John Williams in concert three times. Almost got his autograph once.

7. If Alison didn’t insist I carry one, I’d get rid of my cell phone. I hate both the devices and the cursed corporations that provide the “service.”

8. I have a cardigan and house slippers that I wear often.

9. I enjoy board games, especially strategy/conquest games.  Axis and Allies is a favorite and an easy transition from Risk. Kremlin is a little known gem I don’t get to play as often as I would like.

10. I was, very briefly, in a regiment of Civil War re-enactors – 39th Indiana Infantry Volunteers. I fought at one battle and died. The time and monetary commitment was too much, though. Perhaps later in life I’ll re-enlist.

11. I try to read a book a week. Generally, I do.

12. My first celebrity crush was Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years.

13. I enjoy mowing yards. I find it relaxing.

14. You can buy boxer shorts at Aldi; this continues to impress me. What a great store.

15. I’ve seen Beethoven’s Nineth performed twice. It gives me goosebumps just remembering those concerts. Everyone should experience that piece live at least once in their life.

16. I wish I had studied music more seriously when I was younger.

17. I generally don’t correct people if they assume I’m related to Adlai Stevenson. Occasionally, I even encourage this myth. :)

18. I gave a guy $20 so I could conduct the polka band at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich.

19. I watch the musical 1776 every 4th of July. I like my Founding Fathers to spontaneously break into song.

20. I am not a morning person; every day, the simple act of waking up is pure drudgery, except when I am going to Al’s Donuts.

21. My other dog, Hanna, is half dachshund and therefore has a comically long body.

22. I’m going back to school to get a masters in Library Sciences/Public History.

23. I attended a Guy Fawkes party last year at the home of some transplanted Brits.

24. Over-baked cookies make me very, very mad. How dare you dishonor the cookie dough!

25. I keep meaning to write my Great American Novel about the Civil War (I know, its been done many times already) but distractions like this delay my efforts.


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