Here’s another post explaining the lack of posts!

At half past five o’clock in the evening on Saturday, May 16, I married Alison Land. She is, in every way, lovely. As anyone who knows us would agree, I got the better end of this deal.  Alison and I have been good friends for many years; it has been thrilling to experience that friendship deepen into the sacramental union of marriage.

We were married at Christ Church Cathedral, our parish church. Our friends, Justin and Melissa Long, stood with us while we exchanged vows and rings. (I should note too Mikayla Long who, in her own special way, also stood with us and waited four whole days after the ceremony to be born! So, in addition to being a husband, I also now play the role of crazy uncle.)

As soon as we have pictures from the ceremony, I’ll post some. We took a couple of weeks off work and lounged around some gulf-side Florida beaches before visiting Savannah and Charleston. Pictures of those cities are posted here. Thus far the greatest challenge of married life is getting use to wearing a ring.

While we wait for the pictures, I thought you might enjoy this rendition of Charpentier’s Te Deum which served as Alison’s processional music.


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