What is the silliest Jeopardy category?

Garden: Alison and I have enjoyed a bounty of fresh lettuces and a modest harvest of green beans. (I think their growth has been stunted by me planting them too close to the skyscraper tomato plants.) We also have a smattering of zuchinni, and peppers. If anyone is interested in habaneros, let me know. The real harvest will begin any day now with the tomatoes. The plants are huge, at least 4 feet tall, and full of big, beautiful green tomatoes.

I must also sadly report the quick and unexpected death of my grape vine. It was small but growing well when suddenly – within 48 hours – it turned a shade of brownest brown and shriveled into nothing. Alas. The much anticipated Stevenson Family Vintage is on indefinite hold.

Books I’m Reading: True and Beautiful by John Ruskin (more on this one later, I think)

Always Open: Being Anglican Today by Richard Giles

Interesting Read: Improve your finances, your health and planet Earth by eating more PB&J sandwiches. (There’s a little more to it than that here.)


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