Kroger suing Plainfield

In the “best interests of the economy of the Town of Plainfield,” Kroger Corporation is suing the Town of Plainfield. Thus is the reasoning presented in a mailing I received from Kroger (I’m going to try to scan an image of the front of the mailing because it is hilariously inept – a gas nozzle morphing into a fountain pen – very strange.) explaining their response (a lawsuit) to the Town of Plainfield’s denial of Kroger’s request to build a gas station in the parking lot of their store on US 40. Given that there are already a dozen or so gas stations along Plainfield’s stretch of the National Road, and that the Kroger parking lot is notorious for its poor layout, I urge town residents to call or email both the Kroger Corporation and the Town Plan Commission (to register your disapproval and support, respectively). Even if the idea of yet another service station doesn’t fill you with loathing, the supreme arrogance manifested by Kroger in their lawsuit should. Towns have a right and obligation to carefully manage development; towns that do not exercise this right end up like Avon – an ugly, congested, sprawled mess of a community. Help keep Plainfield slightly less sprawled!

John Elliot, Kroger public affairs:

Plainfield Plan Commission: 317.839.2561


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