The Value of Public Libraries

Here’s a wonderful article on the value of libraries, and more particularly the library model of community ownership and access.

Public libraries in Indiana are in a bit of a rough patch right now (but then again, who isn’t?). Property taxes, the primary source of funding for Indiana’s libraries in being drastically cut, and I am frankly rather wafflely on the matter. As a homeowner and a librarian, I enjoy my falling property tax levy but I also enjoy having a job and find it disconcerting that just as libraries are being used more and more (by people looking for work, or looking to live more frugaly and locally) library resources are being slashed.

(Hat tip to Paul and Zach)


The In Season Christian Librarian

Another blog of interest I’ve stumbled across is The In Season Christian Librarian, a blog for seminary librarians, which would be a wonderful job to have. The most recent posts are a series of small bibliographies covering a broad selection of important theological questions.