Why do we do this?

David’s earlier post brings up an excellent point. Amid all the wailing about Christina Aguilera‘s fubbing of the Most Sacred Lyrics ever set to the tune of an English pub song, the real issue, to my mind, (and David’s and Balta’s) is why has every national sporting event turned into an opportunity to worship the United States military? It’s not just the Anthem, but also America the Beautiful, the massive field-length flags,  and my personal pet peeve  – the flyover of billion dollar death machines to the roar of the mindless crowd. What does any of this have to do with a football game?

If the patriotic proclivities of the masses must be indulged, I suggest bringing in a high school marching band to do the deed. Ditto for the half-time routine.

In another damning telling commentary about our culture, the Washington Post noted that one bright spot in Ms. Aguilera’s botched performance was in proving she was not lip-syncing.


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