You should be listening…

to the Christian Humanist Podcast.

I want to recommend the Christian Humanist Podcast, especially their recent episode on asceticism. Much of the discussion centers around the role of monastics in the life of the Church, a topic near and dear to my heart. Perhaps in the future, they will to devote an entire episode to monasticism. (This is an official suggestion, should the hosts be reading.)

I listen to a number of podcasts regularly and I confidently say that the Christian Humanist is my favorite. Their collective theology is probably more conservative than mine, but they produce consistently thoughtful, intriguing and funny podcasts about a range of topics.  It seems as if after every episode I have a whole stack of books to add to my ‘to read’ list. For example, I’ve just started The Country Parson by George Herbert.

My favorite episdoes:
#42 Aestheticism
#32 Church Music
#39 Town and Country
#14 Literary Genesis

I should also note that one of the Christian Humanists, Nathan Gilmour, is a alumnus of Plainfield High School and fellow former member of the Red Pride Marching Band.  Go Quakers!


Santorum 2012

He might be too nutty to be President, but I must say, Rick Santorum would make a fine Grand Inquisitor.

“…he [John McCain] doesn’t understand how enhanced interrogation works. I mean, you break somebody, and after they’re broken, they become cooperative…”

Since Santorum so frequently couches his demagoguery in Christian language, it would be nice to hear a bishop or two publicly correct him.

Jesus didn’t ‘break’ people. His followers shouldn’t either.

Lord, have mercy.