Fire, Ice, Chickens and Grand Admiral Thrawn

Just a quick update. I’ll have some more book reviews soon. I’m currently engrossed in George R.R. Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice series. I recently finished A Feast for Crows, so as soon as my local library has it in, I’ll be reading A Dance with Dragons.  (It’s probably good that Dance was not immediately available at the library. The forced break is much needed; my wife recently started referring to the series as my mistress….)  When I’m not reading about boiled leather, studded jerkins, and the generally byzantine politics of the Seven Kingdoms, I’ve stayed busy finishing up the summer’s Big Project – repairing and painting our fence.

Once upon a time, the fence was white. But years of overgrown ivy, and a neurotically destructive dog (true story: I’m out working in the yard one day and I hear the neighbor kid ask his friend “What’s wrong with that dog? Why is he eating the fence?” I look over at Beethoven and sure enough, he’s gnawing on the fence like it’s made of rawhide.) have changed it to shades of green, gray and brown. Some pickets were rotted completely. The project has gone well, barring the whole “inadvertently stepping in wet paint and then tracking it up the brick path” episode.

In other news, Alison and I went on the Indy Tour de Coops a few weeks ago. Great event, very well planned. The tour featured 15 urban chicken coops, all located in Broad Ripple. Apparently, tour organizers had to turn down offers from people with chickens just to keep the size at a manageable 15. This got me thinking: if there is such a concentration of urban chickens in Indy, how many residents of Plainfield are keeping chickens?

Heir to the Empire is twenty years old. As I think back, Zahn’s series may have launched my last epic compulsive I-must-read-everything-there-is-like-this read-a-thon. I discovered Heir to the Empire right before my freshman year of high school, and read every book in the Expanded Canon. (I did not read them in chronological order, however, which was confusing.) Perhaps, while I wait for Tyrion and Daenerys to return, I should with reacquaint myself with Grand Admiral Thrawn.


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