Welcoming our NFL Overlords

Dan Carpenter:

Far be it from me to declare any civic deficiency insuperable when the National Football League deigns to choose one’s city for its annual temporary winter palace.

If we can pour more than $150 million into the struggling neighborhoods east of Downtown and $12 million (mostly federal, but still finite) into a three-block stretch of Georgia Street, what limits are there to the motivational power of fleeting prestige?

Mass transit, library and school budgets falling $10 million to $30 million (depending on who’s estimating) short of the need? Food pantries exhausting their supplies with families waiting? Probation officers, public defenders, prosecutors and child welfare workers with double the caseloads they can reasonably handle?

Have the NFL commissioner decree: This must not stand! Then stand back.

Temporary winter palace. Heh.



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