Thoughts on General Convention

The Episcopal Church is currently meeting in General Convention, right here in Indianapolis. On Sunday, Alison and I will attend a mass Mass (I kill me) of 5000 or so Anglicans, the closest I hope we ever get to attending a mega-church.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to watching this Convention up close. Next week, I’ll be volunteering as a page in one of the two legislative houses (yes, The Episcopal Church has a bicameral legislature – a House of Bishops and a House of Everybody Else Deputies) so I’ll have a chance to observe the sausage making up close. This is unfortunate, as I generally love sausage and The Episcopal Church. But seriously, having been raised in a tradition that was militantly congregational and absurdly paranoid about even a hint of “denominationalism”, I have an abiding sense of distrust toward denominational super-structures. As someone more witty than I once said, “Anglicans are very fond of the Episcopate but mistrust bishops.” I will say that for every eye-rolling resolution that comes before the Convention (D.C. Statehood? Seriously?) there are some great theological discussions like the relationship between Baptism and Eucharist and centrality of these two Sacraments in the identity and mission of the Church. I also look forward to connecting with a larger group of Anglican monastics, both lay and ordained. Should make for an interesting week. Photos and more to come.


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