True Restoration Theology?

While circumcision questions attempt to bring us back to a central truth-event of faith, we must not confuse them with the reactionary movements that seek to return to the early Church – the Church in some more ancient, and supposedly purified, form. There are those who want to go back to the way the Church was before Constantine, when it is thought that religious authorities became extensions of the State. There is an attempt to return to the Church before the influence of Neo-Platonism when, those people say, Greek philosophy perverted the message…Such moves, however, fall short, not because they go back too far, but because they fail to go back far enough</em.

The truly revolutionary move is not to chart a return to the early Church, but to the event that gave birth to the early Church.

The return called for circumcision questions is not concerned with some stretching back into the past, for the event that gave birth to the early Church is present now. It is not lost in some long-forgotten ear to be unearthed anew but rather dwells as an ever-present potential that we are invited to make actual in our bodies.

-Peter Rollins in Insurrection

I’m finding this to be a challenging read. I’ll be posting more as a make my through it.


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