“Never forget that they were all wrong”

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, a move that occurred while I was on spring break at IU. While at IU, I wrote letters to the editor in favor of the war, attended counter-protests against the anti-war protesters. My vocal support for that conflict, my unquestioning approval of the policies of President Bush and my unthinking disdain for the voices of peace and diplomacy is probably the most shameful episode of my past.

Ta-Nehisi Coates expresses my feelings pretty well: “But more than anything the Iraq War taught me the folly of mocking radicalism. It seemed, back then, that every “sensible” and “serious” person you knew — left or right — was for the war. And they were all wrong. Never forget that they were all wrong. And never forget that the radicals with their drum circles and their wild hair were right.”



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