kings-flagNot sure how I stumbled upon this (or, for that matter, how I missed it two years ago when it aired on NBC) but I want to recommend the show Kings, starring Ian McShane. Kings is based on of the biblical story of David and Saul, one of the those great narrative sections of the Hebrew Bible overflowing with political intrigue, illicit sex, epic battles and religious fervor. Setting these stories in a modern fantasy world (a modified New York City, basically) satisfies our obsession with modern monarchies and provides a rich and beautiful backdrop for this biblical pastiche.

You can watch the show at or, if you’re a resident of Plainfield, check it out at your public library, where yours truly requested that it be added to the collection.


The Univited Guests

The Uninvited Guests by Sadie Jones I enjoyed this book – perhaps not as much as I was hoping – but still enough to recommend it, especially for fans of Downton Abbey or Alan Bradley’s Flavia de Luce series. The most delightful moment came about half way through when the mood of the book dramatically shifts from playful to creepy, a shift that casts one’s understanding of the first half in a very different light.