Little Free Libraries Coming to Plainfield

Specifically, one of the 20 libraries slated for installation around this quiet western suburb of Indianapolis will be located in my yard. What is a Little Free Library? This explains it. It looks like a large birdhouse but it’s full of books. The concept is simple – take a book, leave a book. People are encouraged to swap out books they’d like to share with others. Since this LFL will be located on my property, I’ll be its caretaker, preserving it from vandals and other ne’er-do-wells. I also hope to keep it stocked with plenty of DIY guides, science fiction and fantasy novels, and good theology books, though I am also interested in tracking what other genres collect in these little libraries on their own.

The appeal of these libraries – and you can look at this map and see how far that appeal reaches – lies primarily in the sense of community they foster. Sharing books is a noble act and I am excited for this new venture. Besides some flowers to make that corner more inviting, the wife and I are planning to plant some rhubarb (it’s the secret to the good life) and berries near the LFL. (I like blackberries, so I’m pushing for that.) Readers can grab a book, take some rhubarb, read the book, make a rhubarb pie – a cycle that will slowly make the world a better place. Look for more information and an invitation to stop by in the coming weeks!


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