More reading

Some more books I’ve been enjoying, as well as a few I plan to really dig into while on the Empire Builder to Minot.

The Expectant Father by Armin Brott There are whole sections in bookstores and libraries devoted to preparing women for childbirth, which is perhaps only fair as the woman’s role in the whole matter involves a wee bit more than the man’s. Still, the lack of good reading material for nervous dads-to-be made me grateful when a friend gave me this book. Incidentally, I should transition from ‘the expectant father’ to just ‘the father’ on or around April 1, and that’s no joke.

Arcadia by Lauren Groff Most of the story is set on a hippie commune in upstate New York. The story focuses on Bit, who at the beginning of the story, is a young boy growing up amidst a strange cast of characters.

Catastrophe 1914 by Max Hastings A new history of the Great War on the eve of the 100th anniversary of its beginning.

Sharpe’s Tiger by Bernard Cornwell I was looking for a good action story to unwind with at night. I struck gold with Bernard Cornwell’s protagonist Richard Sharpe, a common solider in the turn-of-the-19th century British army. Sharpe’s first adventure takes place in India fighting the forces of Tipu Sultan. With 23 other novels or short stories in the Sharpe canon, I think I’ll be set for a while!


2 thoughts on “More reading

  1. Congratulations to you and your wife on the impending fatherhood! Enjoy the train trip – I took the California Zephyr to see my sister in Salt Lake a few years ago and it was memorable.

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