Franklin Park

franklinparksignFranklin Park, Plainfield’s oldest park, is small in size – only 35 acres –  but full of large trees towering above the playground and providing substantial shade for the right fielder playing at Anderson Field. An iron foot bridge over the White Lick Creek connects the park to Plainfield’s great trail system. For those of us who live near the park and use it heavily, it is the quintessential neighborhood park.

Currently, the Town Council is considering changes the Director of Parks and Recreation has spilled the beans on changes he wants to see at Franklin Park, including expanding the parking lot, adding a road to the west side and replacing historic Anderson Field with two smaller Little League-sized diamonds. None of these things can be accomplished without removing mature trees and substantial acreage from this wonderful park. Furthermore, the widening of roads, the addition of a road and expansion of parking will make the park more convenient for drivers, but more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians, its primary users. Fortunately, citizens are organizing to save Franklin Park and you can help! You can learn about this project by visiting this site.  Don’t forget to send a quick email to the Town Council (and copy Clay Chafin)  voicing your opposition to these proposals.

Robin Brandgard –

Kent McPhail –

Bill Kirchoff –

Renee Whicker –

Ed Gaddie –

Clay Chafin – Director of Parks and Recreation –



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