LEGO Detective’s Office

pool hall

This lovely Pool Hall is part of the upcoming LEGO Detective’s Office set.

LEGO recently revealed the newest set in their Creator Expert series (often simply called “modulars” by fans for the way the buildings can snap together to form a street scene). It’s been a year since the release of the last modular building – the Parisian Restaurant – a set so wonderfully detailed, inside and out – it set the bar on future Creator sets very, very high.

As rumored, the new set is The Detective’s Office! Here is LEGO designer Jamie Berard (who has perhaps the best job in the world) explaining the new set.

The variety of actions and businesses represented here is a marked departure from earlier sets in this series, though I do not, in any way, see this as bad thing. Indeed, my first impressions of the set are great! With a pool hall, a private detective’s office, a barber shop, and two floors of that may or may not be intended as an apartment – the pattern of 32- or 16-stud wide buildings is finally broken up!

The Detective’s Office also dramatically expands on the story-telling element in the series, with significant play features not usually found in this line. The first Modular set – 2007’s Cafe Corner –  featured several mini figures, but offered no interior detail. 2009’s Fire Brigade included a fairly detailed interior, and each successive set has added interior detail and story features. With the Town Hall, we had a couple getting married, the Parisian Restaurant featured a couple getting engaged (sort of a love theme running through these). The Detective’s Office, as explained in the Designer video, really steps up the storyline however. The pool hall, barber shop, and rooms above are all part of a cookie and candy smuggling operation, which the gumshoe, Ace Brickman, must uncover. This smuggling theme fits nicely in my city and will compliment the Camoflauged Outpost-inspired MOC, as the criminal underground grows.


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