Unexpected kitchen remodel: part 3 – Wallpaper!

If Original Hardwood Flooring is the Holy Grail of old house remodels, then Original Orginal wallpaperWallpaper must be a sort of lesser relic – like John the Baptist’s thigh bone or something. Well, devout pilgrims readers, behold!  The Baptist’s thigh bone!

How did we unearth such treasure? Part of the kitchen remodel involves the removal and relocation of a built-in corner cabinet. I wasn’t sure if this cabinet was original to the house; it was clearly old – solid wood and such. So I removed the doors, pried off the frame, levered a crow bar between the walls and cabinet until I heard the pleasant pop of nails coming loose and lookey there! Wallpaper straight out of 1935! This is what my dining room looked like when Franklin Roosevelt was President.  Here are some close-ups of the lovely details.













This wallpaper wasn’t the only wonderful discovery I made when removing the cabinet. Here’s picture of the back panel:


The house was built in 1935, so this cabinet was installed 3 years later making it, in my mind, close-enough to call ‘original to the house’ – a keeper for sure!

The remodel has been slowly moving forward until this point; from here on out **fingers crossed** the pace of rebuilding should quicken. Stay tuned for more updates!


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