I began collecting LEGO in 1987. I’ve never really stopped, though the collecting did dramatically slow down in high school and college, a period that many LEGO fans refer to as their “Dark Ages”.  With the emergence a few years ago of the Modular/Creator lines targeting adults, the LEGO company successfully sank it’s acrylonitrile butadiene styrene talons back into me.

In addition to collecting current sets, especially the modular lines, I re-claimed the large tub of bricks that long sat neglected at my parents’ house, and began working on a long-held dream – the LEGO singularity  – combining all the pieces from my various and disparate sets into a single, cohesive display.

I’ve cobbled together some tables in a corner of my unfinished basement and started the long (never-ending?) process of sorting pieces and building. On these pages, I’ll document that process with pictures and stories. I hope you enjoy!


For my sigfiimageg, I chose the Black Falcon torso. The classic Castle sets were among my favorites growing up, and I especially liked the Black Falcons, who struck me as the underdogs of the various Castle factions, and their blue, black, and white livery.

Be sure to check out my burgeoning city Monkersburg!


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